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Integrating Death


Here you will find an MP3 (or a CD whichever you prefer) that could change your life.

It is an MP3 about learning to squarely face the fact of death, our own and that of those we love. Erik Erikson, a famous developmental psychologist at Harvard University and some one I was privileged to meet when he was alive, used to say: If we teach our children to lose their fear of death, they will lose their fear of life. This seems to hold great wisdom for us. Joan Erikson has taken her husband’s theory and has developed further in a book called The Life Cycle completed. She too offers us wisdom about death.

  • You may be sick or terminally ill at home or in hospital.
  • You may be old and aware that you are losing some of your physical or mental faculties.
  • You may be a person who is anxious and worried about many things.


  • You may be one of those people who goes to the gym to workout for an hour or two every day, eating a hyper- nutritious diet, keeping a close control on your weight and the look of your body.
  • You may be someone who works every hour that God sends in an attempt to meet goals and the expectations of your bosses or your own expectations.

If so, this MP 3 is for you.

In this MP3 there are 2 guided meditations that will help you come to terms with your own death. If you do them with mindfulness you may find that you are calmer and more peaceful and that you now have the permission to be ordinary, one small part of the vast human race.


If we lose our fear of death, we will lose our fear of life.


If you can come to terms with the fact of your own death, I believe you will come to a place where you will be more resilient and more able to flourish in life. You will be able to see your job and your health within the larger perspective of Life and things that seem urgent and important to achieve will lose their frantic texture. You will be able to still yourself more and carve out the time for people and activities that are truly important, letting go of the many that are not soul nourishing and fulfilling. You will also be able to focus more on your self and your centre and live from this place, from the inside out rather than from the outside in.


These meditations owe a lot to people who have formed my thinking about death and I would like to acknowledge their influence upon me:

Andrew De Mello

Richard Rohr

Erik and Joan Erikson


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